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Dr. Fate, a cape


I was commissioned this year to help a fellow cosplayer out with his Dr. Fate costume! He is really skilled at making armor but fell a little short is the seamstress department. That's where I come in!

To kick the process off I went in search of photo reference for the character. Good reference materials are crucial to making a successful cosplay.

Next I went shopping with the client for the materials. Picking the right fabric for a cape is important. You have to make sure that the final garment won't be too heavy. You also need to figure out how the cape will attach to the costume. In this case there is a clasp that attaches the shoulders of the cape to the breast plate. Since I didn't make the armor it was very important to talk it over with the client so we could coordinate our efforts.

The fabric we chose had some weight to it so I decided not to line the cape to help keep it as light as possible. Next I cut the edging fabric into strips and ironed it into bias tape.

Next I measured and cut the cape to its overall size and then cut the "V" shape so I could get a little extra length out of the fabric.

(Please excuse the horrendous lack of manicure!)

Then I pinned down all of my bias tape making extra sure that everything would be lined up when I stitched it together!

Ready for the big reveal??


Here is another shot of it on my dress form:

So what do you think? Did I nail it or fail it??

Overall it took about 6-8 leisurely hours of work so I charged my client $80.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Stay tuned for photos of the Dr. Fate costume in its entirety!!

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